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Alex Martinet

Alex Martinet has worked for Player Affinity and The Gamer Studio. He is currently attending Gavilan College and majoring in Journalism. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/AlMartinet

Amy Marie Hypnarowski

Amy is a long time lover of television, coffee, and all things geek. TV reporting (and tv watching) are her established hobbies and though she's studying to be a veterinarian, who says she can't rock both worlds? 

Follow her on twitter at @Amy_Marie97.

Brett Juchniewicz

Brett is a big geek at heart, but also a bit of a cool guy when not in front of a TV. While he loves all genres, he is particularly fond of fighting games and loves a good challenge. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @brett_j

Bryan Dupont-Gray

As writer from Houston, TX and proud University of Houston student, I mostly specialize in the knowledge of Japanese culture, things that go "pew-pew" and just about anything that has a joystick attached to it.

My goal is to one day meet Adam Sessler, Biggs and Wedge. Yes, I am aware that the latter two are not real, but a guy can dream, can he?

Bryan Le

Bryan plays way too many video games and spends too much time on the internet, and combining the two is his idea of being productive. He's an aspiring journalist who's written on Asian politics and drug addiction, but at the end of the day you'll always find him with a controller in his hand, probably playing some weirdo game only he likes. He particularly likes the ones where you can eat food as well as punch people in the face.

Charles Barker

Charles Barker is a lover of all things digital. Working in the Industry for over 5 years he brings his passion for videogames, technology & entertainment to GamerHub.TV. As a technophile his interests are in motion gaming and how this technology can change the face of videogames. A big movie buff, he has an appreciation for anime, foreign & independent films. He also contributes as a viral marketer and video editor to this awesome site.

Follow him on twitter @Magnagamer222

Chase Class

Chase is a college student in New York City an a around nerd who has been a life long gamer and comic book aficionado. He enjoys all game genres but specializes in sports and first person shooters. When he is not gaming he can be found working on his own comic book series, in the gym, checking out a local band or at the movies enjoying the latest action flick.

Follow him on Twitter: @clark_kent_II

Chris Rearick

Grew up playing Pokemon, now I write about what I play.

Twitter: @CJRearick

Dany Chalhoub

Dany Chaloub is a emerging writer and a video personality. After working in the design industry for many years designing cars to handbags. He decided to pursue his passion for video games by designing one on his own. From overseeing day to day business and product development at Jack Georges to assisting with interviewing and writing about some of the video game industry most recognizable figures. Dany brings his varied experience in the video game world to GamerHub.TV.

Greg Burke

Co-Founder of gamerhub.tv Greg is the site Lead Editor and Video Producer. If you have ever enjoyed a video via gamerhub it was most likey edited by him. Greg's a G1 gamer with a film Degree who loves the hard work people put into there games and the people in the gaming industry. Greg also owns his own Marketing/Editing business www.gregburkepost.com visit it for more info. 

Favorite Games: Fallout 3, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas

Favorite Movie: Meh, More into Games

Favorite Food: Fish Tacos

John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi is co-founder of GameHub Content Network and Editor-In-Chief of GamerHub.tv. He's covered the video game industry for 20 years for outlets like Reuters, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, Geek Magazine, NVISION and Tegrazone. 

Ken Owens

Ken Owens has been a gamer for over 20 years. He is very interested in watching the way gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Being able to interact with a few development teams over the years, he feels that there is an abundance of interesting stories coming from the industry. Between the professionals and the end-user, he feels that there are many things that drive people to tell the story they want through gaming.

In his off time he spends his time playing music with friends in a local band.

Lacey Wang

Meg Stivison

Meg Stivison has worked on the development of games including Next Island, Empire Online, Verge Games' Grumpy Goats, and two Nancy Drew titles. She writes regularly on games and gaming culture for Indie Games Magazine, Hardcore Droid, and others. She blogs on games and life at SimpsonsParadox.com

Michael Wang

Co-Founder of GAMERHUB.TV
Editor/Producer at SHACKNEWS.COM

Nate Hohl

Nate is an aspiring writer and game journalist whose love of games started at a young age. He is always on the lookout for new ways through which to engage the gaming world and enjoys discovering how games affect other parts of popular culture. In addition to his work at GamerHub he is also a staff writer for VGU.TV as well as a volunteer writer for the online publication The Longfellow Bridge.

Nigel Kilby

Fell in love and married to video games, but is having an affair with writing.

Be sure to follow me on twitter:


Peyton Green

Peyton has worked behind the camera for 4 years. When not working she volunteers her time with a non profit animal rescue.  Do not get her started talking college football, the NFL or Hockey.  She is a true southern girl from the Great State of Louisiana and 'knows' the SEC will always dominate.

Plate Matheu

Hello my name is Plate aka Platedropper. I am the News Editor for Gamerhub.tv along with being a basketball coach for a youth league. My hobbies include collecting rare modern numismatic silver coins (some gold coins too but it can get friggin' expensive), 200m sprints (yeah Im crazy), 80s music/movies/culture and watching basketball. My favorite passion is travelling. Hope to travel to at least 4 countries by the end of 2014.

Ricci Kearney

Ricci D. Kearney is a emerging writer and a true gaming enthusiast. After working for a marketing firm in Los Angeles, CA creating copy for movies, video games, and television, he is now pursuing his passion for entertainment writing while also earning his MBA. From selling video games, assisting with the creative marketing process, to simply playing his favorite games (anything WWE related) Ricci brings his varied experience in the video game world to GamerHub.TV.

Robert Workman

Knowledgable and all around awesome, Robert has mastered video game journalism for years, writing for a number of sites including AOL GameDaily, Planet Xbox 360 and GameZone.com.  Also known as the George Clooney of the Video Game Industry in some circles (mostly women).

Shayne Mckay

Shayne McKay currently attends university in Canada for communication studies and writes for the sports section of the campus newspaper. An avid gamer all his life, he has wanted to be involved in the journalistic side of the games industry and hopes to achieve that dream after graduation

Steve Tyminski

Steve Tyminski lives in the great state of New Jersey and is a huge sports fan, especially the Devils/Mets/Jets. He went to college for Criminal Justice and History and has journalism experience. Been a Nintendo Guy for a long as he can remember and grew up with the Mario Brothers. His sense of humor comes out in his writing. Twitter-Follow at https://twitter.com/TumsST

Thomas Wang

Senior Editor.  Thomas has been covering gadgets and wearable tech for a variety of companies including Prima Games, Random House, and our very own GamerHub.