Capcom Gives Reason To Remember Me

Once in a while, a new IP is introduced that has franchise written all over it. It brings an interesting perspective, unique gameplay elements, and an intriguing story that grips you from the beginning. It’s a game that stays with you after you play it, and is hard to forget. For this game the title says it all as Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment expect you never to forget Remember Me. We had a chance to sit down and play an early build of the game. Find out what we think in our preview!

Nilin searches for her memory.

In Remember Me, you play as Nilin, a memory hunter suffering from amnesia. Nilin has had her memory wiped and she is on a mission to find out who is responsible and what they wanted her to forget. Nilin is not alone on this mission and is joined by some old friends, and an unwilling ally, that she has no memory of. It was fun to play as Nilin as she discovered her past to uncover the mysteries of her present.

When you can't remember your own name, who can you trust?

From the beginning, Nilin is portrayed as a stereotypical strong female character that becomes stronger as the game goes on. This is not a problem, as you will learn how to use her fighting skills and abilities at the same time she does. While there are a few similarities to another heroin who recently returned to video games, Nilin is definitely unique. From her look to her abilities, Nilin will be hard to forget and so will the city she resides in.

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