Civilization V: Brave New World, An Expansion Almost As Good As Soma

Fellow Civilization 5 fanatics rejoice! Firaxis is gracing us with another expansion with even more mechanics we can use in our quest to conquer the world!

I’ve just finished my playthrough of Civilization 5: Brave New World. In my playthrough I had a preset scenario where I had to play as The Moroccan Empire so I cannot speak on the other new Civs and their traits but I can speak on the new mechanics.

In addition to the old victory conditions, a new Cultural Victory has been added. Now once your civilization produces a great artist you can use them to create a great work that is housed in a museum or opera house you have in your city. For each great work you hold you get tourism points each turn, similar to how you get culture points. You use these tourism points to influence other nations and when you have influenced enough Civs you can win a cultural victory. In my playthrough the system didn’t really seem to have much sway in the way the game went. Unlike the other victory conditions you don't really receive anything for attempting a cultural victory. For example if you are going for a military victory you will eventually take over city, a reward on your path to a military victory. However, while you progress for a cultural victory you don’t get any rewards other than the admiration of a few nearby city-states. Also, there's now an archeology mechanic where you research the tech and can then produce archaeologist units which can excavate artifacts on the map which provide cultural or tourism points. They are essentially the mid game version of ruins.

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