Gamma Labs Mission Gunship Allows Gamers To Blow Stuff Up In Texas

Gamma Labs held a contest to encourage G Fuel gamers to get in the game, literally. Three winners of the Mission: Gunship contest were flown to College Station, Texas, where they got to blow stuff up. Winners Christian Gaytan, Burke Herr and Victor Lee Byrne got to live the game thanks to real soldiers. They received training from a Special Operations team that has seen more than 40 tours of duty collectively. The winners received training on multiple weapons including a helicopter-mounted mini gun and will star in G Fuel’s next promotional video.

“This prize was unforgettable,” said Herr. “Things were exploding all around us. There were snipers, helicopters and plenty of awesome guns. I’ll never be able to experience anything that comes close to this level of intensity again.”

The experience also included YouTube personalities Optich3cz and WoodysGamertag, who have talked about the contest on their respective YouTube channels and assisted in attracting more than 3 million viewers to G Fuel’s first promo video.

Gamma Labs, the makers of G Fuel and the sponsors behind the professional video gamers Gamma Gamers, received thousands of entries from 30 countries around the world. Winners were selected randomly after purchasing G-Fuel from retail partners and online shops.

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