HBO Exec Explains How Game Of Thrones Ascent Expands Fantasy Universe

Jon Radoff's Boston-based game developer Disruptor Beam has partnered with HBO Global Licensing and George R.R. Martin to created the Facebook adventure title Game of Thrones Ascent. With the open beta now live, players can access all game content during this open beta period, and Disruptor Beam will add both planned and new, player-requested features throughout the life of the game.

Game of Thrones Ascent is a new type of social game that unites both story and strategy allowing players to lead the life of a noble during the time of upheaval portrayed in the books and TV series. Players claim their birthright by choosing which of the Great Houses they’ll swear allegiance to, select their lineage, secure their holdings, develop their lands and reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests -- while forging alliances with new friends and much more.

The game allows players the opportunity to make various moral decisions that not only impact other players, but the storyline as well. With deep and immersive political and social play authentic to the world of Westeros and involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages and betrothals, a player’s alignment and destiny truly lies in their own hands.

James Costos, vice president of HBO Global Licensing, talks about this latest Game of Thrones game (Focus Interactive released a console RPG Game of Thrones game last year) in this exclusive interview.

Why did it take a while before fans started seeing Game of Thrones video games?

We are exploring various types of games and will roll them out strategically timed around series events over the course of several years.   

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