Indie Game Spotlight: Storm

Storm is a new Indie game released by IndiePub Entertainment, Inc and Namco Bandai Games Europe. Now available on the Xbox 380 marketplace, Play Station Network, and PC, this puzzler is a very calm and relaxing toned game with a very simple objective. Transfer a seed from a tree through an obstacle filled environment to help it reach the next plot of soil. Using the elements given to you, you must use them in a strategic manner to get across different elemental obstacles, have it be a lightning strike to jump over gaps, flooding a bridge to get across, and other challenges that make the player use his brain to reach the goal. If you ever get tired of the normal game, there are different game modes such as a challenge mode or spirit mode to give you some challenge.

Storm is a very charming and clever game, the settings are beautiful and the challenges are clever. Sometimes you find yourself stuck and really have to think about how you can get yourself out of your situation. I really like the soundtrack of the game, and think it gives off a slow paced mood that goes along with the gameplay. Overall the feel of the game is smooth and calm, and really gets the player in that mood.As a gamer, I was never really a fan of puzzle games, but Storm made me actually sit down and play. It is easy to get frustrated with, but using hints and a little thinking power, the game can turn out to be a really good time.  This game is priced at $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points. I think this is a very good buy if you are in need to just relax with a nice puzzle game.