Is It Really The Year Of Luigi?

In the Nintendo Direct that aired on Valentine’s Day, Nintendo stated that 2013 was going to be the “Year of Luigi.” Let’s dig a little deeper into that statement. During the presentation Mr. Iwata was wearing a green Luigi hat. Luigi fans should consider the presentation off to a good start, right? More details were given for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS. Details like what the Poltergust, the ghost sucking vacuum, could do as well as the different multiplayer modes available to the players.

Later on in the presentation, Downloadable content for New Super Mario Brothers U was revealed. Modifications were made for Luigi to be the only star in this reworked version titled New Super Luigi U. A ton of new levels starring everyone’s favorite taller, younger brother from Brooklyn were mentioned and will give the game new replay value it didn’t have before. I’m going to ask the Luigi fans who want more starring roles for him to leave the room. This is the peak of the conversation for them.

The rest of what was mentioned for the “Year of Luigi” has Luigi being second fiddle to his brother, Mario. Mario Golf: World Tour was announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation which is great news. This shouldn’t be considered a “Year of Luigi” Game. If he isn’t in the starring role, how is this year unlike every other year for Luigi? If it was Luigi Golf, then you might have something there, but it isn’t and therefore shouldn’t be billed as a Luigi game. A new Mario Golf is all well and good but Luigi should have more games where he has top billing, shouldn’t he?

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