Re-Release, Good Idea Or Lazy?

With February coming to a close soon, it got me thinking about the movie Groundhog Day. Stay with me here, I’m going somewhere with this. In the movie, Bill Murray is stuck in an endless loop of the same Groundhog Day over and over again. Now the point of all this is “is it fair to the gaming community to have the relive the same game over and over again?” I have mixed feelings on this topic so strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

One of the biggest culprits of this marketing style is my friends over at Nintendo. Where else does the same game get released over and over again? It could also be asked what company has so many classic characters as well as so many great games over the years? Nintendo has been doing this for years, trying to cash in on the nostalgia factor that so many fans of Nintendo have for a classic game in the series.

Is this a good idea for the companies that want to do this? My initial answer to this question is “yes, what kind of stupid question is that?” Bringing a game back years after its initial release gets a whole new group of players playing it. It also gets new fans for the game that it didn’t have at the release because lets face it, the new fans might not have been alive to enjoy it. (That makes me feel old)

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