What Got Me Excited During The Nintendo Direct Presentation

By now, I’m sure everyone has read something about the Nintendo Direct or watched a video about it. By some twist of fate you might have read a recap of the presentation in two parts on a certain site written by some Steve guy. (Maybe that was me, I don’t know, wink wink) Anyway, It has had enough time to sink in to the minds of the masses and now I can reveal what has me excited about what was shown off yesterday. Nintendo shows that they know what they are doing with a weak system launch library and then just blow your mind with hit after hit for months at a time. Strap in, it’s going to be a fun ride.

“The Year of Luigi” is in full swing, are you ready? Let’s just group all of this into one thought here with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Party, and New Super Luigi U. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is the next installment of the M and L saga that has the Player jumping into the dream world that takes place while Luigi sleeps. I have played all the Mario and Luigi games and they always go that different direction and I’m interested to see how the dream weegees are used to get through the different puzzles along the way.

Another Mario game I’m looking forward to is Mario Golf: World Tour. I’ve always been a Mario Golf fan and I’m looking forward to playing other people online. You can compare Mario Golf to Mario Tennis in terms of a Mario sports game. It will be neat to see how Golf takes what Tennis did and makes it its own thing. Will there be mini-games online and will I be able to play other people to win things online and use those coins/things to make my character better? Only time will tell!                                                                   

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