What The Playstation 4 Can Do To Win The Next Gen Battle

Yes, I know its early to start talking about winning the next-gen console race but if there is one thing that Sony learned during the battle of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 its getting of to a hot start. I believe that whatever edge there was to gain when Sony and Microsoft announced their new consoles ahead of E3, Sony took the slight advantage by showing off how developer friendly their new system is as well as the games we can expect with it along with in-game footage.

If there was one gripe that I do have with Sony other than not showing off the physical console its trying to show off the graphical power of the Playstation 4, its like saying 1+1=2 its obvious we get it Sony. We all know that the PS4 will have beautiful graphics but it’s the games and features of the console that Sony had to play catch-up to the 360 in this generation and Sony hopes to not repeat history. Broken promises like remote-play (which is available for all games on the Playstation4) and a less than stellar Playstation Network seemed to stagger the Playstation 3’s growth.

But with all of the wrong that came out of the Playstation 3’s struggles it was basically a handbook for what Sony can do right with the Playstation 4. Sony has made promises to get it right this generation and I truly believe that they will from their strong showing of the Playstation 4’s features such as its remote play, game downloads while it installs and social media type PSN Sony looks to make a big splash on day 1 of the consoles release. While I think those features are great way for Sony give the Playstation 4 edge in the next-gen console war I believe there are 3 simple steps to guarantee the success of the upcoming console.

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