What Will E3 Have Left In The Tank?

With the Playstation 4 being announced earlier this week and the various Nintendo Directs coming out every so often, the question becomes “What’s E3 going to have left in the tank come June?” Two of the big three companies won’t be making a big splash in this years trade show but they still plan on having news to share. Sony could/should actually show the PS4 as it seems some people aren’t too happy that Sony didn’t show it off at the reveal in New York. Sony will still show off plenty of games and hardware for the system as well as what the hell to do with the Vita. Easiest solution in the world for saving the Vita, have better games.

Unless there is another 3DS retool, Nintendo won’t have that giant, groundbreaking news story either. They still will have newsworthy stories and games that people have been waiting a long time for. It was revealed during the Nintendo Direct from Valentine’s Day that a new Mario Kart as well as new Mario game will be playable at this years show. Unless there is some crazy mishap, you should be able to get your Mario fix at this years E3.

Then the other news from the Direct presentation that could be considered “big.” Nintendo Details pertaining to the next Smash Brothers will be revealed at this years E3 and that’s big news considering the game was announced two years ago. It feels like the Mario Kart and Mario Adventure like game went from people not even knowing they exist to them being playable at E3 in about ten minutes. Nintendo always does this sort of thing, when you’re not expecting anything from them, they pull something like this. I guess it’s better to fly under the radar than being out in the open, especially if you fail.

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