A Hero's Journey Begins On KingsRoad

We have all received one. It’s late, you are making your last Facebook post of the night, and out of know where your mom begins to blast you with Farmville requests believing that since you love video games, you will help her harvest her crops. Before you consider finally giving in, Rumble Entertainment has created a new social media game aimed to set a new standard for free to play Facebook and browser based multiplayer games. Their newest title is KingsRoad, a multiplayer fantasy action RPG set during the age of sword and sorcery. Will KingsRoad put a spell over social media gaming or banish it to the dark ages forever? Find out in our review!

By completing missions, you populate your town gaining services like storage and a blacksmith.

The presentation of KingsRoad is impressive for a free to play social media game. The developer boasts about the game being the first of its kind to feature high-quality Stage3D graphics. While the game does look impressive for a social media or browser based game, it does not quite have the wow factor that the company would want you to believe. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals are very well done, but the environments seem to fall flat among the three dimensional character models. The characters however are detailed. When you upgrade your hero, you can see the detail of every weapon and piece of armor that he is wearing. The game also boasts a surprising amount of blood and violence, which should appeal to the average video game lover. Throw in detailed enemies and giant spiders and you have a very fun game. The gameplay however, is another tale altogether.

Open landscapes are great for combat.

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