Alien Spidy Crawls Into Consoles

Few creatures are harder to translate into a hero than a spider. Sure, a guy named Stan Lee was able to do it years ago, and from what I have read he has had moderate success. With their eight legs, creepy faces, and poisonous species, spiders have gotten a negative stereotype for years but Enigma Studios seeks to change that with their space traveling arachnid. Alien Spidy is a single-player action platformer that follows the hero Spidy after he crashes to Earth. Spidy must recover the lost parts of his ship, save his friend Virgil, and battle Earth’s insect legion in order to escape with his life. Is this arachnid space adventure worth your download? Find out in our review!

The environments are unique and great to look at.

From the very beginning, Alien Spidy cartoonish opening cinematic entices you to root for the hero before the game even begins. You see him crashing to Earth and it is really all the set-up you need in order to move on with the game. The art style used in Alien Spidy is one of dark brilliance. The game finds the right mixture of dark textures and pops of color that brings the elements on screen to life. One major flaw in the presentation is that Spidy, being all black with big yellow eyes and a blue aura on his head, tends to blend into the background at times. This will cause you to be attacked and respawn at the previous checkpoint, which will become frustrating. Another frustrating element to Alien Spidy is the gameplay.

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