Avoid The MUD

Motorcross is an amazing sport that has never quie made the successful transition into the world of video games. There have been numerous attempts but none have spawned a successful franchise. Milestone and Namco Bandai seek to change that with the release of  MUD FIM Motorcross World Championship. Will MUD inspre gamers to give the world of Motorcross a chance? Find out in our review!

The presentation of MUD is a bit cartoonish. The menu system seems to be comprised of left over animations from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Everything seems to be from the 90s and seems very out of date. It almost seems as if the game isn’t taking itself seriously and that is a problem. You even gain achievements by simply entering the menu screens.

The graphics are suitable yet nothing advanced or impressive. Shirts ripple as you ride, mud flies from the course, but nothing here is extraordinary. The 12 environments are a huge disappointment. There are various courses from around the world but none of them seem inventive or original.

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