Avoid The Rapture With BioShock Infinite

A floating metropolis far above the sins of many where the inhabitants worship the Fathers of our Country. A man whose warped view of the world has twisted his view on history to make him a hero and prophet to his people. A leader of a rebel uprising focused on liberating the people of her city no matter the cost. A man saddled with a debt he cannot repay and the girl he must find whose special abilities could be the key to bringing her city salvation or destruction.

These are not the makings of a complicated Hollywood blockbuster but the plot setting for one of the best told stories this year. BioShock Infinite is the third entry into the BioShock series from Irrational Games. Is Columbia a leap forward in the series or will it bring forth its rapture? Find out in our review!

Columbia is beautiful on the surface yet further exploration reveals truly disturbing ideals.

The overall presentation of BioShock Infinite rises above the rest. From the moment you step off the boat at the base of the lighthouse, you are greeted with rich textures and a dark and ominous setting. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the rain assaulting the dock slightly prepares you for what you will find inside the lighthouse. A startling direct note, apparently written in blood, adorns the door with the message “Bring Us The Girl, Wipe Away The Debt”.

This is a message that will continue to appear throughout the game and immediately sets the stage for the story. I believe that the game begins with this initial dark setting in order to surprise the gamer’s visual senses once they make it to the top of the lighthouse. Once you sit in the chair at the top of the lighthouse, a rocket forms around you and you ascend into the bright utopia that is Columbia.

Get the message?

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