Does Mighty Switch Force:Hyper Drive Edition Play Good Cop Or Bad Cop?

Long story short, Patricia Wagon has to apprehend the 5 hooligans that escaped while in her custody. Find and apprehend the 5 perps and find your robot partner to "bring them to justice" or to the goal. Let me just say that I had heard good things about the previous 3DS version but I didn't know what to expect from Mighty Switch Force:Hyper Drive Edition. Boy was I surprised with how much I enjoyed it!

For starters, the game looks great. HD really makes a difference in showing off how beautiful some of these games can be. Some of the in-between screens have some of the funniest illustrations I've seen in a long time on a Nintendo system. One has Patty and her robot partner in a hot tub. Whereas, another has the 5 escapees being punished by washing the Paddy Wagon. I was blown away by how everything looks in this game. I never expected scantily clad convicts running around having to be caught by an armor-clad female cop. They really pop off the screen. You can tell why the 3Ds version worked so well.

Controls are straight forward but the game never comes right out and tells you how to play. That is a good thing as well as a bad thing. Good that the game is simple enough that you can pick it up right away and play. Bad that it might take a while to figure out the flow of the controls. D-pad moves, Y shoots and B jumps, pretty straight forward stuff. The shoulder buttons phase bricks in and out, which is the basis for the game. Mighty Switch Force plays similar to the 3DS version but has some differences, such as looks and Hyper Drive levels.

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