Explore Atlantis Pearls Of The Deep

There are many tales about the fabled city of Atlantis. The city has literally become legendary. Legacy Interactive seeks to add to the legend with their release of Atlantis Pearls of the Deep. Will this game be a welcomed addition to the Atlantis legend, or a fable that everyone will want to forget? Find out if it is worth the download in our review!

The game environments differ each level.

Atlantis Pearls of the Deep exudes tranquility through its presentation. The ambiance created by both the visuals and sounds are one of complete zen. The sounds effects using during gameplay are great. You the sounds of the pearls clanking together sounds just as you think they should. You will want to use your headphones to maximize the experience. The gentle yet rewarding gleam that can be heard when successfully completing a set of matching pearls will keep you wanting more. Different levels provide different environments that force the player to use strategy while playing. Atlantis Pearls of the Deep is humble in its presentation which creates a relaxing and inviting experience.

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