Ghost Train! Veers Off Track

Video games are designed to create a unique gameplay experience for the gamer.  Often, games try so hard to be different, that they miss the mark completely and create a confusing and unusual experience. These games normally miss the mark for the casual gamer and appeal to a special section creating a cult following. Think Deadly Premonition. Goodbeans GmbH has developed such a game with the release of their new mobile title Ghost Train!. This is one game that does not deserve an exclamation point, as it is a boring and mind draining experience. Find out why in our review.

Ghost Train! Actually provides a unique visual design that I have not seen before. The game’s visual aesthetic is impressive and fun to look at. The unique color palate chosen for the game fits the art style chosen. These are the only compliments I have for this game.

The gameplay in Ghost Train! Is boring, confusing, and frustrating. The game revolves around picking up and dropping off ghosts on a train. You can also build new parts of the train to put the ghosts on board to work. You can also upgrade you engine and unlock new destinations, but it all seems pointless. The game boasts that it has 10,000 ghosts, but the overall gameplay experience does not change.

Ghost Train! has some good ideas, but in the end none of them work well together.  The game’s identity is lost and it is not able to have a firm grip on any  of the features the game has. Ghost Train! is a disappointment and a game that should be avoided like the reach of the Grim Reaper himself. This game is not worth the download.