God Of War Ascension Truly Ascends To New Heights

Revenge. Vengeance. Retribution. Kratos has sought out all three on his quest to free himself from the memory of murdering his wife and daughter while being manipulated by the Gods of Olympus. During Kratos’ epic saga, he has challenged the Titans, defeated the Gods, and battled every creature in between. Now, in God of War Ascension, Kratos must battle the one monster he has yet to defeat…his own sanity. God of War Ascension is the prequel to the entire God of War Saga and it seeks to reveal a side of Kratos that the world has never known. Will God of War Ascension ascend into Elysium Fields or be banished to Hades? Find out in our review!

Don't worry, Kratos watches as you slumber.

God of War Ascension takes place six months after Ares manipulated Kratos into murdering his wife and child and nearly a decade before the events of the original God of War. Kratos has broken the blood oath between he and Ares and is serving eternity imprisoned by his own chains. Once he escapes, Kratos must find a way to sever the bond between him and Ares while battling being driven insane by the Furies. During this journey, players will gain a more human look at the man who ascended to become a God.

Kratos, broken and imprisoned by his own chains.

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