Hoppetee Leaps To Mobile Platforms

The Endless Runner genre is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile genres in the App Store. The genre has paid homage to Indiana Jones and 007. Even Disney has cashed in on the Endless Runner phenomenon with Brave. While the genre is becoming more and more popular, it is also becoming more commercial with apps offering free downloads with paid incentives. Birgit Stock, a new indie development company from Germany, is taking the Endless Runner back to its roots with Hoppetee. Does this adorable game deserve a place on your mobile device? Find out in our review!

The visuals are beautiful.

Hoppetee is literally a game about encouragement. The word Hoppetee is Dutch meaning “go on” or “you did it”. This is the foundation of the story behind this game. Hoppetee is a grasshopper that can’t quite jump high enough as the bigger grasshoppers until he finds a ball. After this life-changing discovery, Hoppetee is encouraged to use the ball to hop around and discover the world. The developers best tell the story of Hoppetee. Hop over to the website, www.hoppetee.com, as the story reads as a children’s bed time story and makes both the game and the title character even more charming. While the story is cute, the visuals are even cuter.

Music plays a big part in the game.

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