Make An Offer With The Godfather Slots

The Godfather is both a cinematic and cultural achievement that has influenced the world of pop culture since its inception. Many video games and movies have borrowed from this successful franchise. While there have been many games that have attempted to capitalize on the Godfather license, none have captured the true essence of the films. The Godfather Slots takes a different approach. Will it be an offer you can’t refuse? Find out in our review!

The mixture of the movie and vegas is fun.

The presentation of The Godfather Slots is enjoyable. The game forces your iPad into portrait view, simulating the feeling of playing slots brilliantly. The use of the Godfather license brings the movie into the game by mixing traditional slot images with the iconic images of from the movie. The slots have a certain charm and elegance with a defining image from the game adorning the top of the screen to add to the immersion of the experience. There are five slot machines representing key scenes from the movie at launch, with another seven coming soon. Machines range from Don Corleone’s Office to Connie’s Wedding and you must gain stars on the previous slots before unlocking the next machine. The presentation mixes the films with just enough of Vegas to make for a fun visual experience.

The slots contain images from the film.

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