Saddle The Camel For Metal Slug X

What do Martians, mummified dogs, and Vulcan Cannon carrying camels have in common? They are all a part of the absurd world of Metal Slug X. SNK has brought it’s popular run and gun shooter to iOS and Android platforms. Is the game an improvement on the original Metal Slug 2 or is it a out of this world disappointment? Is this game worth your download? Find out in our review!

You can ride a camel with cannons. Nuff' said.

A soon as the game begins players are treated to an 8-Bit art style that is instantly nostalgic. Metal Slug X foregoes the traditional HD graphics that we are accustomed to for a traditional style from another generation. The style allows the game to stand out from the other offerings in the app stores. While the style may be from the past, violence and gore are the same no matter the generation. Metal Slug X is a violently fun experience. Blood and guts fill the screen as one of the four characters you can select mow through your enemies toward your goal. The 8-Bit style allows the violence to be displayed in a almost comical way. The enemies in the games also range from hilarious to intimidating due to their facial expressions and reactions to what is happening on screen. This game is just fun, period.

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