Solve The Mystery Of Echoes

“I’m writing these last lines before losing what’s left of my mind. The truth must survive me.” These depressing yet poignant words are not that of a famous writer or philosopher. These are the first words that you read in the Nova Box game, Echoes: Episode 1. The comic book styled game is inspired by film noir and features a murder mystery. The question is, is this a mystery worth solving? Find out in our review!

In Echoes you play as Police Detective Ricky Fox. The game begins with a disheveled Ricky Fox, penning a letter that it wants sent to the authorities. He has been on the run for a year. He appears fearful and psychotic. He begins to recall the mystery of his friend’s murder. As he does, you get the chance to experience the gameplay of Echoes.

Echoes is a point and click inspired adventure similar to the Runaway: Twist of Fate mystery series. During your investigation, you talk to and interview specific people to gain clues. You are given a selection of responses and actions, and each one writes your experience during the game. Choosing to pursue a lead with a witness or search for clues will influence you’re the interactions you have within the environment. This is all done by pinch, zoom, and touch. Besides searching areas for clues, the gameplay is boring. There is nothing inventive or unique about this gameplay and it would be better served on a PC than an iPad or iPod. After reading through a few of the on-screen scenarios, you will fill tired, frustrated, and uninspired. The presentation does not do anything to better those feelings.

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