The Croods Prehistoric Party Should Be Extinct

Film studios have been using the popularity of video games to produce cheap cash in titles for animated movies for years. While the efforts are disguised under the idea of “producing a franchise property”, the games are normally just a way to convince children to force their parents to poor more money into a property. The Croods: Prehistoric Party is an example of this idea. Just how bad is it? Find out in our review.

We know what you are thinking. Why did this review take so long? Well honestly, we were avoiding having to play the game like the plague. The presentation of Prehistoric Party is abysmal at best. While the game was clearly designed for children, the developers clearly didn’t think that children would care about the look of a game. The game’s environment lacks originality and personality. The gameplay is the same.

The gameplay in Prehistoric Party is simple enough for anyone to understand. The game is a Mario Party style game with a collection of mini games starring the cast of the movie. The gameplay is not as imaginative as that series and is easy enough for anyone to pickup. The mini games themselves are a generic form of the activities in Mario Party. In short, just but your kids Mario Party and save yourself the headache.

There is nothing redeeming about this cheap movie tie in. The Croods Prehistoric Party is a horrible game that is not even worth a rent. If you want a similar style game for your children, buy them Mario Party and even you will enjoy it. This game, much like its characters, should be extinct.