The Heist Is On With Dollar Dash

Break into a bank, disable the alarm, and steal as much cash as possible before you get caught. Simple right? But what happens when that same bank, on that same night, has been targeted by other thieves just as cunning as you are? Your answer may not immediately be to set a bear trap to catch them, but in Dollar Dash, you will have to use everything at your disposal to stop your competition from making off with the loot before you do. Is the game worth the risk or is it better left behind bars? Find out in our review!

The variety of the environments is fun.

Dollar Dash has a very comedic and cartoonish art style that will keep you handcuffed to your controller. Has soon as the game begins you are greeted with a colorful video setting up the premise of the game that could have been straight out of a comic book supported with a jazz inspired heist theme that immediately sets the mood. The bright colors of both the characters and the environments invite you into their heist and are reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon. The premise is simple. Break into a bank and steal all the money you can before you’re get away vehicle leaves or your opponent steals all the money first. Keeping the concept simple allows the player to concentrate on the visuals, which are a true highlight. While the presentation is bright and fun, the gameplay is where the real fun begins.

Money may not grow on trees, but how about in a garden?

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