There Is Nothing Fake About Real Racing 3

Speed. Control. Style. These are the three things that should be included in any racing game. Real Racing 3 has all of these and more, with a truly engrossing social experience that will be hard to match. Electronic Arts and Firemonkeys have come together once again to release the third game in their Real Racing series on the iOS and Android platforms. Is it worth the download? Find out in our review!

The car detail is impressive.

The presentation of Real Racing 3 is impressive considering that it is on a mobile platform. We reviewed it on the iPad and the game looked great. While the environments themselves seem a little uninspired, the true star of this game are the cars. Every car looks great and appears to be a true doppelganger to its real life counterpart. The cars take damage during races that you can repair after each contest. The music in the game is catchy and memorable. The techno inspired beats will inspire you to race even faster. The menu system in the game feels a bit clunky. It almost seems that there is not enough room on the screen for the menu but this does not effect gameplay.

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