Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Finds The Perfect Swing

Golf has always been a sport that has been respected and appreciated around the world. For years, Electronic Arts has been able to translate the quiet intensity of the game into one of the most successful gaming franchises in history. With the sixteenth game in the series, it would be easy for EA to rest on its laurels and release a game that only boasts an updated roster and course selection. Instead, EA took its series to the drawing board and aimed to deliver the greatest golf experience not only in the history of its own franchise but in the history of video games period. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 does just that. Find out how in our review!

You can play games during different times of day.

History is a theme that runs through the lifeline of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. From Tiger Woods sharing the cover with legend Arnold Palmer to the unique presentation of historic moments in golf, the history of the game of golf is not only respected in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 but also made accessible to the gamer. In the Legends of the Majors mode, gamers can take part of the greatest moments in golf history from the Dawn of the Golf Tournament in 1873 all the way to Tiger Woods’ domination in the modern era. Each event begins with an informational break down of the event followed by the challenge requirement. The older events have a grainy silent film filter that adds to the presentation. The presentation changes throughout the mode; evolving to the HD presentation we are used to today. It is this attention to detail that makes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 amazing.

Grainy filters add to the presentation of the Legends of the Major mode.

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