Wheel Of Fortune Cubed Spins To Mobile Platforms

Few shows have withstood the test of time like Wheel of Fortune. The carnival wheel spinning game show has been a television staple since 1975. While the game seems simple enough, it has been able to grow its fan base for over 35 years. While Wheel of Fortune may be an entertaining television show, it has also been adapted to video games with varying results for years. Now, Sony Pictures Television launches a reimagining of the classic game show. Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is a unique puzzle game that puts a new spin on the classic game. Is it worth your download? Find out in our review!

You are given the same letters as the show to begin

The gameplay of Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is simple and straight to the point. Instead of guessing letters to appear on a flat screen, you are given a cubed model to solve your puzzle. Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is a hybrid of Wheel of Fortune and a crossword puzzle. When the game begins, you are given the familiar letters form the television show. You then have the opportunity to guess three consonants and a vowel.  While the original show gives you a clue to guess from, Wheel of Fortune: Cubed gives you several. At the top and on the side of the cube are clues to guess the words. You can guess words vertical and horizontal. Guessing the letter of one word makes it easier to guess the letters of the other words. This creates a unique situation that is both challenge and strategy.

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