WRC 3 Drifts To A Halt

Racing games these days are a dime a dozen. From consoles to tablets, there seems to be a new racing game being released every day. Some games get it right like Real Racing 3 or Need for Speed. Others set the benchmark for racing superiority like Forza or Grand Turismo. In the world of rally racers, besides the Dirt series, there are few games that truly capture the sport. WRC FIA World Rally Championships 3 seeks to add his name to that short resume. Does it succeed? Find out in our review!

The graphics are good, but not comparable to the other leaders of the market.

The presentation of WRC 3 seems to be a mixture of other games before it. The menu system is similar to Dirt and Forza and provides a simple and clean way to navigate through the game. There is also a in game narrator, with a female British accent, that offers an extra bit of polish to the game. There is a in game navigation system within the hub that is similar to the Forza series. 

The courses seem a little bare and lifeless.

Cars experience real time damage during gameplay, which adds a sense of realism to the game. The sound is also good. The cars rip through gravel and dirt and it sounds good, but something seems to be missing. The sound and graphics seem to be missing something, as if both could be more robust and polished.

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