You Will Want To Awake The Evil Dead

Hollywood is known for ripping open a wound into our childhood and allowing it to drip with the blood of remakes. Horror films seem to be the victim of choice as their low budget and seemingly lower expectations seem to scream profit to studios. With recent films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street Hollywood has sought out to recreate the tension and fear of the originals yet they never seem to strike the same chord. While remakes are currently littering the silver screen, there are a few films that seep through the cracks of hell and take the theme of a film from the past and reimagine it. Ladies and gentlemen, in no way shape or form is Evil Dead a remake. Evil Dead is a film that will make Sam Raimi proud, Bruce Campbell chuckle, and even the biggest deadite fan cringe with terror.

Five young people decide to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Sound familiar?

Evil Dead begins with a powerful opening scene that sets the stage for the evil that will be awakened at the cabin. A young girl, covered in blood, is chased through the woods. She is eventually captured by her assailants and brought back to the familiar cabin in the woods. The audience’s expectations are shattered when the hood is removed from the girl’s head and we all find out that the man responsible for this young girl’s capture is her own father. The audience immediately begins to wonder how a father could ever do this to his little girl. When the answer is revealed, it sets the stage for a new horror classic.

Jane Levy is scary as Mia.

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